In His Arms

Damned for believing too much?

I woke up this morning, too early to get up, and chose to listen to an audio book —  Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration. My daughter bought it, we share accounts and I needed something new. Plus, I have been reading about “vibrations” — specifically that higher beings vibrate at a higher level, and lower ones at a lower [...]

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Hot Cross Buns1

What To Do on Good Friday

You know how I wish we, Mormons had more hoopla with our holidays, like the Jewish faith with Passover and [...]

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Grace Cathedral Stained Glass View

Angels in my hair

I went to see a woman who says she sees angels all the time. She is not of my religion, [...]

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The Passover E1397451080425

Moses and Easter

Passover. Moses and Easter. I remember the day I finally put it together — the meaning of the word Passover [...]

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homemade granola

Homemade Granola

Homemade granola is superior to any of the store-bought products. And it’s easy to make. The only trick, is to remember [...]

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girls pe in the 60s -- shared showers

Girls P.E. in the 60′s — Shared Showers

Girl’s P.E. in the 60′s was kind of like the military. You had a uniform, you had to shower, and [...]

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Easy As An Old Shoe

I Feel as Easy as an Old Shoe

I’m not going to complain or whine, I’m going to focus on everything good in my life. It’s like walking [...]

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Changing Education Paradigms

I like to say that I’m an education rebel. It’s not just about homeschool either, though I chose to homeschool [...]

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Apostles And Wives2

LDS Apostles and their wives

I’m not one of the  Mormon women asking to be ordained to the priesthood. I’m looking for further light and [...]

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ten traditions for LDS conference

Ten Traditions for LDS Conference

I don’t have conference traditions that I keep every year.  I’ve tried different things. Here’s ten traditions you may want [...]

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Amy Cuddy and power pose

Easy way to reduce your cortisol levels

At first I felt a little silly doing this, but it really works. I got the idea from a legitimate [...]

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Transition Zone Of The Earths Mantle

The fountains of the deep

After reading Visions of Glory, I researched some of the geological possibilities  – Earthquakes and water coming up from beneath [...]

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Noah 6

I walked out of the Noah movie

I walked out of the Noah movie before it ended — at the point when Noah told his family that [...]

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The Nicene Council and Mormonism

I’m a Mormon, not a Christian?

Some Christians say, “Mormons are not Christians.” They’re offended that we claim to be Christian. I understand why they think [...]

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Truth Gets Its Pants On

“Truth gets its pants on” is a quote from Winston Churchill. It’s about lies and the damage they cause. Lying [...]

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Folsom Lake drought ruins

Mormon Island gold rush ruins

I walked along the Folsom Lake bottom during our California drought. I was fascinated with the remains of what used [...]

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Homemade anti-fungal cream

Natural anti-fungal cream

I’ve had some success making my own anti-fungal creams. This recipe is easy to make and you can use it [...]

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What is the Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox for Me, Fall DownUnder

What is the Spring Equinox? It all depends on where you live. Perspective is everything. What you see is based [...]

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Mormon women and the priesthood, what do they want?

Mormon women and the priesthood

First, I want to be respectful of other views. Some LDS women want to be ordained to the priesthood and [...]

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salt lake temple model

Salt Lake Temple Model

While visiting family in Utah, I stopped by Temple Square. I was planning to attend a session in the Salt [...]

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Away With Stereotype Mormons

Away With Stereotype Mormons

Not too long ago, I thought there was a stereotype Mormon woman. Funny too, because Brigham Young (prophet from 1844 [...]

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