Gold Plates Projects For Kids

Book of Mormon projects for kids

Here’s another Book of Mormon Gold Plates project for your kids. We did this one with our Primary class. But it would be a great project for celebrating the Feast of Trumpets. First we made some rice crispy treats in a large flat pan and cut them 6″ x 8″ and about an inch thick. Then we wrapped them in [...]

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How to make the Golden Plates with kids

The Book of Mormon is a translation of ancient Gold Plates, which is not easily understood by our young kids. [...]

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1200px Holman Blowing The Trumpet At The Feast Of The New Moon Crop E1410063245117

The Feast of Trumpets for Mormons

I wish Mormons celebrated some of the Jewish holidays. But we don’t have that custom of special Feast Days. One [...]

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date pecan energy bars

Date Pecan Loaf

I wouldn’t say this is a date bread. There’s not much to it  — dates and pecans all held together [...]

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Darkchocolatealmonds E1410188675635

Heart healthy chocolate

Chocolate melts my heart, makes me feel good and keeps my heart healthy. Chocolate has health benefits, especially chocolate with a high [...]

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The Phillip Medhurst Picture Torah 33. Cain And Abel. Hamilton E1409718521585

Why was Cain’s sacrifice rejected?

The Bible is a bit confusing. You may get the idea that Cain offered up the wrong gift to God, [...]

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creationism and evolution

Between evolution and creation

Most people who adhere to the Bible and Torah believe the creation story — that God “created” the earth in [...]

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panax ginseng

Herbs to Increase Energy

We live in an age when we get things instantly. We accesss the Internet for quick answers, we text friends [...]

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Homeschool Sixth Grade Curriculum

History Time period: Medieval/Early Renaissance, 400 – 1600 Story of the World, vol. 2 Sample page Story of the World [...]

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homeschool history books

Homeschool Fifth Grade Curriculum

History In fifth grade, you start all over with ancient history. Even though you are covering the same time period [...]

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Ebola History

The Hot Zone Ebola Virus

All of my kids have read the book about the first outbreak of Ebola in 1976, called The Hot Zone: [...]

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e-readers for dyslexia

Get an e-reader if you have dyslexia

Good news for anyone with dyslexia:  Read faster and comprehend more of what you’re reading by using an E-Reader. Research at [...]

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Nibley 3 E1407948067839

Hugh Nibley: Roman Satire and Us

This is a Hugh Nibley talk — BYU Women’s Lecture, October 26, 1991, entitled, Roman Satire and Us. I have [...]

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homeschool fourth grade curriculum

Homeschool Fourth Grade Curriculum

Let’s take a look at a fourth grade curriculum for homeschool.  You will be the best judge of what works [...]

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third grade homeschool curriculum

Homeschool Third Grade Curriculum

Third grade History: Late Renaissance/Early Modern 1600-1850 I continue with World History, using volume 3 of the Susan Wise Bauer [...]

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When your spouse forgets — forget it

There’s an old “I Love Lucy” episode where Lucy hopes Ricky remembers their anniversary. It’s so aggravating. Why doesn’t she [...]

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be creative

Manage your day to include creativity

I spend most of my time in the “reactive” zone rather than the “creative” zone. I picked up this book (that [...]

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Miso Salad

Miso Chopped Salad

I want life to be a little more simple. Especially meals. Simple to make, a little mess, healthy, and tasting [...]

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IMG 3972 E1406493827809

Homemade Anti-fungal Cream with Bitter Orange

It seems to be the long hot summer. Really, temps of 100 + degrees are normal where I live. I’m [...]

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Bosom Of Abraham By Daniel Chorny E1406658916313

Giggles And Bosoms At Church

I got the giggles at church again. Ever since I was a young girl; whenever we sang the hymn, “Joseph [...]

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tuck me in meaning

Tuck me in meaning

When I was young, my parents would “tuck me into bed.” As any parent knows, kids hate to go to [...]

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